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music: ON, world: OFF.

Bringing a brand to life with music is challenging but satisfying. It’s a long and sometimes tedious process, which requires view of the full picture, familiarization of the target audience, and the understanding the customer’s vision. This is what makes the brand come to life.

Music has been a part of my life since kindergarten, when my father sent me to piano lessons. A couple of years later, I started making music on my very own computer. I became serious about music at around the age of 16, when I worked as a DJ in clubs, and took opportunities to compose and produce music for others.
In 2006, I joined a radio station as a broadcaster, and that’s when I first learned what is music branding. Since then, I composed, sang, voiced and produced thousands of commercials and original music tracks for leading brands, advertising and PR agencies, radio and TV stations, dance and theater shows, studios, musicians and media productions. Want to listen? Simply enter the portfolio…